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Group Tour

Group Tour at Dominican University of California

Expectations of Group Tours

To request a group visit to campus, we require the group abide by the expectations set forth.

  • Due to our daily tours being at 10 AM and 2 PM, we cannot guarantee an ambassador for group tours during these hours. We recommend that you select a different hour if possible. 
  • Arrive on time to campus. If arriving late, please provide notice to the Office of Admissions. We can not guarantee a complete visit if the group does not arrive promptly.  Please provide 48 hour notice if cancellation.
  • Please prepare students to attend the tour of campus with questions to get the most out of the visit experience.
  • During the campus tour, please be respectful of the Student Ambassadors and turn off all portable electronics (cell phones, iPods, etc.).  
  • Respect for all Dominican University of California students, staff and Student Ambassadors should be maintained at all times during the visit. 

Our dining hall can accommodate group tours if arranged 3 business days prior to the visit. The cost is $9.50 per person (subject to change). This will need to be articulated and confirmed with the Admissions Office. 


Grade Level
Who we are:
Please keep in mind that this form is a request not a confirmation. We will try our best to accommodate the request to visit but due to various reasons, may need to change the date desired. Expect to hear from the Office of Admissions within 3 business days of the request to coordinate and/or confirm the visit details.
We agree to abide by the expectations of Dominican University of California during the visit

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